tuesday, november 22

So I fixed the eyepatch. There was some hot glue that had decided not to stick anymore, so I poured boiling water onto the patch while holding it down with a spatula. After a few seconds, the glue suddenly melted, creating a nice, even layer of glue between the two eyepatch pieces. So pleased about that. I love when you try something really simple and it turns out to be the perfect solution. After that I made a T-shirt that says “I am a genius” above a picture of the eyepatch and a kettle. So far a lot of people have read it and then wanted to shake my hand, but usually I am too busy doing geniusy things to shake that many hands every day.

Another thing I’ve been fixing is the bathroom. I forget whether I’ve mentioned that we’re renovating our bathroom. Well, we are. There was a lot of nasty mould growing in it which you could faintly smell throughout our basement suite, and the tiles in the shower could be picked off the floor by hand. And the paint was peeling and the vanity cupboards didn’t open without the use of significant force. So Jon and Brandon and I were kind of grossed out. We talked to our landlady about it, and she agreed to pay for renovation materials if we would do the labour ourselves. Yeah, I know. Bad deal for us, good deal for her, but we liked her and wanted to stay on good terms and such. Also we didn’t know if she could afford to pay for a full reno, in which case we would have just been stuck with the bathroom as is. As was. Whatever. Anyway, the point i’m trying to make is that I just installed the last tiles on Sunday! Woo! I’ll do the grout today and then seal it on Thursday, and hopefully on Saturday we can shower in our own home! Kind of exciting! I thought about adding a shower to the genius shirt, but if I did that people might not understand what it means.

One last thing. I don’t know if you’ve read Seth Godin’s blog at all, but I came across one article about “the lizard brain”, which basically discusses how we should not be lazy and should instead “do stuff”. He says it better, so follow that link if you’re curious. Anyway, I used some time yesterday to make a little desktop background for myself comprised of a lizard silhouette and the “no” part of a “no smoking” sign, and it is probably the only reason I am writing this right now. So. Now I have to go do Other Productive Things, I guess.


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