My Synthesis Midterm – Nude Remix

This sounds a lot like Leslie’s school now actually. Her blog has a generous helping of nudity because of the whole art-school thing. However, this remix actually has no nudity at all, and we remixed it fully clothed. Well, I did. I can’t speak for all of my classmates. Actually, I have lied just now, because if memory serves, I remixed it in a housecoat, and was therefore only half-dressed according to some people, and not dressed at all according to how willing I would have been to go out in public. Anyway, it’s a song. It’s called “Nude”, by Radiohead.

So here’s the original:

And here’s my version. I made the whole track out of one vocal stem and a bunch of effects. No sound generators were used except for some pink noise! Oh, and an octaver. :(. It seems less impressive now. Whatever, I had fun, and that’s what matters or something.


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