So I just saw my sister’s blog…

It’s at, and it is way better than mine. Largely because it has things in it like content and posts and sometimes combinations of the two. Also it is prettier because it has Artworks in it. Anyway, I’ve noticed that she often posts work that has been done for some of her classes, and it gives readers a lot to look at. Ooh, that’s another thing she has that I probably don’t. Readers. I guess it would help if I told people I had this blog, but I don’t want to or they might expect me to keep writing in it. Meanwhile, on topic, I’ve decided that maybe I can learn from what Leslie is doing by posting little snippets of the work I am producing as a result of taking electronic music production at Langara. I’ll put up a couple of projects I did for my midterms first I guess. In other posts which I plan to write as soon as I publish this one. If I can figure out how. Oh wait, I will just use my hacking skills: <html> <midterms, I summon thee></html> Done deal. So glad I took programming in high school.


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