My Reason Midterm – Dispense with the Pleasant Trees

So this one is so-called because the phrase amused me. I don’t know how I thought of it. I DO know that once I’d thought of it, I was suddenly unsure of whether to say “dispense with” or “dispose of”. In the end though, I learned that “dispense with” does not only mean “dish out” as in “dispensing candy”, but means “to do away with” as in dispensing with formalities. Or pleasantries. And regardless of what the dictionary says, Darth Vader said “dispense with”, which means that I can argue that it was a pop culture reference if anyone decides to get hypercritical of what is obviously just a silly pun. Anyway, there’s no original version because I made it all up. I mention in the description of the track on the site that I programmed all the synths myself, which is wonderful news. For me, mostly. I don’t know who else would (or should) care, except for you, mom and dad. Obvs. And probably the sibs too. Also, for what it’s worth, my instructor liked the bit at around 2:00 the best because of the cool thing your brain does to make peace with the sound.


One thought on “My Reason Midterm – Dispense with the Pleasant Trees

  1. craig says:

    Chris, I care deeply about this piece; not just because I am your father – which is something Darth Vader also said – but because as a former Forest Engineer, I do find trees pleasant, even though I’ve dispensed with my fair share of them. Sadly, I wish I could speak for the trees, but unfortunately, the Lorax beat me to that. And so, at this point, I can only speak for your mother and I to say that we’re very proud of the stuff you’re cranking out these days – even the stuff on both sides of the 2:00 mark. Rock on!

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