Cubase Assignment: Movember Me Remix

Just NO clue why a song would be called “Movember Me”. That doesn’t make any sense at all, even if you know that Movember is a thing. Someone must have gotten creative with it. Anyway, look for highlights in the lyrics like, “And I know I could have kept you around, but I couldn’t hold you down; instead I watched you rise, in these November (Movember?) skies”. With a powerful message like that, you can understand the hesitation I felt when I thought of chopping the vocals and scrambling them up a bit. Sacrifices have to be made I guess. Anyway, this was just a quick one… I worked on it for a bit, but new projects need my attention now, so I have to leave it short and somewhat unpolished. Also, please enjoy a fun riff at the end of the track that has nothing to do with anything. It’s just cool.


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