Recording Theory Final: Mr. Sun

For this track, I got the help of my trusty roommate, Brandon Dorsey. You may recall that he supplied me with food during finals week, since I was too distracted by work to make food myself. To add to his list of helpful helps, he also lent his luxurious larynx to laying down half of the vocals and tossed out a tip or two about tangling with acoustic guitar tracks. Tangling was too much, wasn’t it? Yeah, it was. Anyway, props to Raffi for the original song. Maybe he didn’t even write it originally, who knows, but he’s the guy I learned the song from, so there we go. Arranged by me, and also guitarred, bassed, and electricked by me. Drums WERE originally part of the plan, but it got complicated through Stupidity and Suchlike, and hencely I have decided that the listener can do the drums on their desk. Also, suchlike is a word. :).


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