Synth Final: Writing A Song In A Creative, Yet Stupid Way

For my synthesis final, I decided to write a song backwards. The focus was on programming synths, so I figured it would be cool to reverse a vocal track (thanks Britney!), program all my synths (including drums) so they’d sound good WHEN I REVERSED THEM, and arrange the track so it too would sound good when the whole thing was flipped (the way I wrote the piece, the climax is closer to the beginning so that when it is flipped, the climax will be closer to the end). For some reason this is really hard to explain, so just listen to this, which is how I wrote the track (how it would sound if I just pushed play on my Cubase project):

And this is how it sounds when you disable a couple of automation tracks, export the whole thing, and then reverse it:

Does that make sense now? If not, I give up… it’s only “kind of neat”, and it would need to be “pretty cool” to be worth trying to explain it further. Sorry fans. I don’t know why I say “fans” instead of “mom and dad”. Seems less personal, you know? I guess that’s what the music biz does to you… haha. Love you guys.


2 thoughts on “Synth Final: Writing A Song In A Creative, Yet Stupid Way

  1. libpulsifer says:

    I cannot tell you how much my head hurts when I try to think of how you did this – never mind when I try to explain to somebody else! I am amazed at the complexity and ability of the human mind.

  2. cjpulsifer says:

    On behalf of humans in general, I thank you for appreciating our complexity and ability! :).

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