Orchestration Project: Strings

Oh, before I get too far into anything, I should say we’re in a new semester now! Woo! The courses this semester are Mixing, Orchestration, Songwriting, Ableton, and Advanced Cubase/Reason. So tell me if you notice any of those things improving…

Anyway, I thought I’d upload a couple of my recent works. A couple of weeks ago, I handed in this strings project. Made it using only strings from the Kontakt library. Sounds more poppy than orchestral, and the transitions are kind of sudden too. Dave, our instructor, said it sounded nice, but too dense. Strings sound better when they are spread out. Still, there are some nice musical ideas in there that I like! There is one part in particular that I think would be a great song for vocals and guitar or something like that. I sort of wrote the piece as though it were a song instead of an instrumental, which I think helped me to nail down the melody. I super like the melody at the end, so hopefully I don’t suddenly realize that it is another song. Probably will though.


2 thoughts on “Orchestration Project: Strings

  1. Murphy says:

    Chris! You are amazing! I also really like the melody at the end : )

    • cjpulsifer says:

      Aw! Thanks Murph! I like it too! Hopefully it can make a comeback as a vocal line in a song with lyrics… I wrote it using words and now I feel like those words are feeling left out now that their melody is part of a song and they aren’t.

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