Orchestration Project: Woodwinds

I tried to avoid sounding too poppy with this next attempt at an orchestral project. I think it worked! I really like this piece, but that may be because I just finished it today. Dave enjoyed it, I think! He said he liked the parallel motion of the something ‘rother (I always put “something rather” instead of something or other, so I am compromising), which went over my head but referred to the tricky chord substitutions/key modulations about midway through the track. Which is good, because I figured that part sounded pretty interesting. Definitely good to remember where the inspiration comes from. I felt like some great sounding stuff came rushing out very quickly, which is always a fantastic feeling. I sometimes wonder if I’ll still like a piece when I look back on it later, but I’m finding that even though I’m often critical of myself, I DO like my own work… haha. Not all of it, but when I hear something and decide it sounds good, I don’t usually change my mind. Maybe it’s vain, but maybe it’s part of what keeps me doing this, so I don’t think I’ll fight it. I DO sometimes hear an old piece and decide that I don’t want other people to hear it, but I personally will still find things that I like about it. Probably it’s like having an ugly son. You don’t really want others to see him, or they’ll know you produced that monstrosity; but you still see the beauty in him yourself. So you don’t mind pulling him out every so often to have a look at him.

Anyway, the piece uses all woodwinds. We were allowed to use strings as well if we needed the extra support (woodwinds sound pretty gentle and chilled out by themselves), but I challenged myself to just use the woodwinds. I was just as rushed to get this one done as I was for strings, but I think I approached this one better. Here’s what I did, if you somehow find yourself needing to crank out a woodwinds composition in not enough hours: I prayed for inspiration, cleaned my room, listened to some woodwind concertos to get a feel for things, and got to work. Oh, and took short breaks for coffee and video games a few times when I felt like I needed to clear my head! This is the result:


3 thoughts on “Orchestration Project: Woodwinds

  1. Craig Pulsifer says:

    I must agree with Dave on this one. I appreciate “the parallel motion of the something or other”. Mercifully, you, as a son are not only handsome, but talented, too. We’re thoroughly enjoying your Renaissance period – keep up the great work!

  2. Lindsay Puls says:

    I love your music but I would hate to be your son.

  3. cjpulsifer says:

    Thanks guys! Glad you’re listening and giving feedback!

    Lindsay, if you were my son, you would be devastatingly good looking. So I don’t see what there is to hate…

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