Orchestration Project: Melody

For this project, we were required to present an original melody and then turn it into a whole piece using the following techniques: inverse (reverse intervals, so if you go up a 3rd from the 1st note to the 2nd, go down a 3rd in inverse), retrograde (reverse the pitches, but not the rhythm), inverse retrograde (the first two combined), augmentation (make the notes of the original melody longer) and diminutia (make the original notes shorter). We were free to change whatever we needed to in order to keep it musical. Partway through the track I realized, “This is kind of boring…”, and so I changed it up.

Dave reacted favourably. Yahoo. I have tons and tons of work to do these days. All the finals for this semester are due next week, and that’s horrifying because I don’t really have any time to waste. And I very much like having spare time. Oh well! Pray for inspiration for me please.


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