Ableton Project: Collab (with Jordan and Micky, who are my friends)

So we were told to collaborate with one other person for a project. Having never collaborated with someone before on an electronic track, no one was really sure what the best way to go about it was. Our first decision was to have THREE people in one group instead of two. You know, to help us… be organized? I have no clue why we did that… haha. Our second decision was to not manage to actually meet together until two days before the project was due. Oops. So in the end, we grabbed a Katy Perry vocal stem I had kicking around on my hard drive and agreed that no one would touch the form of her original song. That way we’d at least have the basic arranging done for us… haha. Then we took turns with the project, writing a bit and then emailing it to the next guy, and in the end, we came up with this track:

Not bad, considering we cranked out most of the musical content in just a couple of days. Good work, team. Mix is sub-par, but what can you do? I guess you could blame me, since I mixed it. Yes, you should do that. You can check out Jordan’s work here: and Micky’s at NOTE: After giving it a break to tend to some soup and cut up potatoes, I don’t mind the mix as much. I’m not going to pretend it’s anything special, but I hated it before and now I don’t care! Yahoo!!


3 thoughts on “Ableton Project: Collab (with Jordan and Micky, who are my friends)

  1. CP says:

    I hate Kate Perry. But you’ve got a fantastic avatar today!

    Headed your way tomorrow at 6am. Looking forward to eating on the kitchen floor and jumping on the furniture!

  2. libpulsifer says:

    For the amount of time you guys put into this, it is impressive! Didn’t I hear this when I was over to visit you about 2 weeks ago?

    • cjpulsifer says:

      Thanks! I actually did put in a fair bit of time on the back end trying out different mixes and then starting over when I wasn’t satisfied. But oh well. Yeah, you probably did! But it probably sounded a lot worse then…

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