Orchestration Final Project: Last Samurai Excerpt

For this project we had to add a score to an audio-less video. Mute, I suppose you could say. I added some foley-type noises for the swords and such in order to help the mood along, but that wasn’t really required. I just couldn’t get into the fighting mood without the sounds I guess! Anyway. I chose to do a scene from The Last Samurai (great movie). Our other option was the opening clip from Monsters, Inc. where the one monster is training to scare a kid. I actually think I took the easy way out on this one… it’s hard to do something scary, but not too scary for the kids, and then go goofy and playful all of a sudden. Whereas with this one, you just make music that you can whack dudes with pieces of metal to, and that allows for a pretty wide range of styles if you ask me. I had to use the kora again, because we still don’t have koto samples. I guess it’s unfair for me to expect them to just appear by themselves. I also used taiko drums for the percussion, so three cheers for me using ethnic instruments. I listened to a lot of taiko drumming before I wrote it, but I don’t think it sounds extremely taiko drummy… Okay, no more of this ado:

Hopefully you can see that, because the video was initially flagged as having copyright infringing content. Which I suppose it does, but if my own experience is any indication of what will happen to the general populace, watching this clip is just going to make you desperately need to watch the whole film again. So it’s actually GOOD for WB, and I can’t say I feel bad about it at all. UPDATE: It’s on Vimeo now, which so far seems to be working. Woo.

Thanks to timmy_h123, Robkinsons, Erdie, creativeheroes, kMoon, thanvannispen, FreqMan, Robinhood76, RHumphries, nicStage, CGEffex, mwl500, and WillHiccups from FreeSound.org for the sounds used for sword hits and yells.


2 thoughts on “Orchestration Final Project: Last Samurai Excerpt

  1. Craig Pulsifer says:

    Ahh… Warner Bros blocked it! What a bunch of WEENIES!

  2. Craig Pulsifer says:

    But we just viewed the Dropbox version that you sent and you really rocked this bit, Chris. Gotta say, Hans Zimmer would be proud, even if the bros Warner weren’t as impressed.

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