Ableton Final Project: Performance Song

For our final for Ableton Live (Ableton Live = composition/live performance software, and it’s also the name of a course I am taking that teaches me how to use said software), we were meant to submit two songs: one for a compilation CD, and one for live performance. Unfortunately, I spent way too much time on just one track, so I didn’t come up with a second. Our instructor (JJ – you can search “Jamyn” on soundcloud to hear stuff he’s contributed to) graciously allowed me to submit that song for both projects. Yay!

Anyway, this is definitely a contender for my favourite track that I’ve produced so far. The Reason Final from last semester is right up there, but this track is technically better because I’ve improved at mixing and such now. Also, I did a ton more sound design for this one. I actually have just put a lot more work into this track than pretty much any of the other ones I’ve done, so that’s probably why I like it as much as I do. We’ve had more time to bond. I guess I’m actually starting to be a little bit sick of it by now, but whenever I give it a break for a while and come back to it, I’m stoked, so. Yeah. Anyway, JJ seems to think it’s a pretty slick track, so it’s not ENTIRELY in my head that it sounds nice. Apparently I’m performing this song tomorrow by using a MIDI controller to punch in effects manually and stuff. That’s pretty intimidating, so I plan to work on it tonight to make it so simple that even a newborn baby could do it. Even if they are a chicken-baby, AKA an egg. Here’s the track:


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