Advanced Cubase Final Project: Trailer Score

For this project, we had to score a trailer. The options were “Troy” and “Mass Effect 3”. I went with Troy, since the Mass Effect trailer was full of explosions and I felt like Troy would be more dynamic. And therefore fun! Woo! We also had to use a real guitar. Originally we were supposed to “hire” a classmate to do the guitar for us, but no one had time for that, so I don’t really think that anyone did it. Once again, super rushed… I’m really thankful to God for the inspiration and ability to work as quickly as I did this week, because this was another all-in-one-day job, and I actually really enjoy this piece.

I decided early on that I wanted to use some slide guitar for a unique sound. I also wanted to try to give the piece kind of a western-ish feel (I figured that we’d be hearing a lot of mostly-orchestral stuff, and I like being different), so I tuned my guitar to a D-add9 and started messing around. Being forced to use a real guitar made me try some new things that I wouldn’t have thought of by myself! I wound up using a pen as a slide, and then “bowing” the guitar strings with it to get that cool pad at the beginning of the piece. Sounds like the Borderlands soundtrack, hey Lani? Realized that after I was done, but I’m not copying their melody or anything. I just got similar results to their sound design.

It’s not really “done”, per se, but tomorrow we are looking at houses and making a decision about our living situation and I am programming for that Ableton performance. Which is not just in front of the class, but in front of Real People. Which is why I am nervous, obvs. Anyway, that’s a lot to do, and so I think I will leave Troy where he’s at. Also, dad, this piece really seems like something you’d be into for some reason. Could be wrong. Listen for yourself I guess! (NOTE: I’m waiting for the video to convert on Vimeo, so while I do that, I am going to bike home, and then I will upload it. [I’m at school, having just handed this project in to a reasonable reception. Yay.])


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