Sharing Culture: Youtube

Yesterday I happened across this YouTube video:

So I made this one (fixed her pitch):

And had 33,000 views overnight. Which is more traffic than any legitimate art I’ve ever made has ever got, even if you put them together. And somehow I even wound up with a request for an interview, to which I replied with directions on tracking down the original content creator. But it made me realize that sometimes people really don’t know who made the original content. Sucks. Anyway, I don’t personally like taking credit for things I haven’t done, so I make sure people know where the original is.

An hour after that, I received a notification that someone had posted a response to my video… they’d taken the audio (which probably took the original creator a few hours to write and put together, and took ME an hour and a bit to process) and sped it up. That’s literally all they did. Probably took them a solid 10 minutes, including render time. And they’re claiming that content as their own! Weird, hey? I mean, I’m not going to get upset about someone stealing “MY” stolen material. The amount of work I put in is nothing compared to the amount the original user put in, and the amount this new person put in is nothing compared to the amount I put in. But it’s not really about competing… it’s about sharing your content so it can be seen and modified and covered. Best to just accept the sharing culture if you’re going to participate in it. Otherwise, just don’t put stuff on YouTube. (Note that none of this applies to people who upload other people’s content without changing it or adding anything to it. I have no idea how people get their kicks from impersonating someone else and taking credit for things they haven’t done. If you are reading this and you do that, you are scum! But thanks for reading my blog, even if you are awful.)


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