Film/TV/Games Project: Arrange “You Walk Away” by David Bernstain

For this project, we were given vocal stems from a song called “You Walk Away” which our instructor, David Bernstein, released in the 80s.  We were told to put it to music somehow while preserving the original structure o the song. We could write in any genre, change the tempo, or even change the pitch of the vocals, but we had to keep the verses/prechoruses/choruses/etc where they were in the original.

The original track is pretty obviously from that era, with tons of cheesy synth sounds. As soon as I heard the vocal stem, I heard the brass section in my head. I guess I just really like brass or something, because I’ve been using it in almost everything lately. Oh well, I’m just going to go with it until I get tired of it. Anyway, here’s the track. I kind of like it. I don’t usually go real-band style, but this was really enjoyable, so maybe I’ll do more of it. Okay. Here’s the track for real.

I played guitar and bass. The brass is sequenced*, and the drums are prefabbed loops. I feel like it could have been improved with some more work, but I was tied up with other projects and only had a day to get this done. I spent a few more hours working on it this morning, but it’s already been handed in. Too bad!

*You could probably tell… :(. Someday I will buy some slick brass samples that do a better job. They’re expensive though, so not for a while.


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