Film/TV/Games Project: Short Film (Ambush)

Perhaps the largest single-song project of the year! It ALSO got lost in the Great Hard Drive Fiasco. An absolute heartbreaker. It had to be rebuilt on a miniature keyboard while I was on the road with the family. My instructor, Dave Bernstein, was gracious enough to let me have a deadline extension, but wow… so hard to motivate yourself to do things you’ve already done once. I am really grateful that I was able to remember the basics of the different sections. Especially the piano ditty over the end credits… I was really in love with that section the first time I wrote it, so I was panicking when I first lost my data and realized I couldn’t remember that part. But yeah, the melody came to me suddenly a few days later, thank God. I just found myself humming it, and when I realized what was going on, I was like, ‘YEAHHHHH” and ran to the computer to play it in before I forgot again.

ANYWAY. This was an intimidating project… it’s harder to do subtle variations of the same mood than it is to just change moods altogether. I chose it out of our dozen options because it had dialogue and SFX (the others already had bg music, which meant you had to delete the dialogue and SFX), and I find that I’m unsatisfied with a final project that isn’t actually finished… I like to be able to pair the audio track with the video and then say, “Done! Now we can show people!” Finally, I’m not sure why, but the bass seems to be really lacking. I’m choosing to believe that it’s my headphones, but when I get home to Vancouver I will have to check this out on my monitors to see what’s going on there. Okay. Please enjoy:


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