Film/TV/Games Project: Van City Ads

Wrote a couple of tunes to back up some old Van City adverts. We were meant to use a common musical theme. This ad was meant to show some glorious scenery and such, so we were meant to come up with something majestic. Wish I could go back in and edit this, but sadly the project files were lost in the Great Hard Drive Fiasco of 2012, so we’re stuck with the timid-sounding pizzicato on the front and the epic drums at the end that make it seem like a bank thinks it’s in the Lord of the Rings or Batman or something. Woops.

This second ad is meant to be more intimate than the other one, so hopefully the music reflects that. I think this piece fits better than the other Van City ad. Still sounds kind of cheesy though. I can’t say I thought much of either of these ads to begin with though. Anyway.


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