Songwriting Project: Nothing Lasts Forever

Okay, it’s been AGES, but here’s the story: Final projects came up, and then my hard drive crashed a mere week before the projects were all due. Five days actually. How crazy is that? In all my life, no drive has ever failed on me, and then boom, mine dies at the most critical moment in my life so far. Ridiculous. Anyway, I hadn’t backed up my drive in a few weeks (I know… terrible mistake… I got careless) and therefore had to REDO a whole bunch of work. Talk about uninspiring.

Then in August I went on a month-long road trip with my family to visit some relatives in Nova Scotia and Toronto. Our internet was sketchy at best, so I couldn’t upload anything. And that brings us to now, at which time I am adding the results of that wild week of wrelentless work.

Okay, the story for this track is that our Advanced Songwriting instructor co-wrote some lyrics way back in the day when she was still in bands and such, and told us to make up a tune for them and put it to music. Apparently the original was kind of a poppy, almost country sort of song. This is my effort:

Sorry about the recording quality. You have no idea how upset I am at the miserable quality of my M-Audio Mobile Pre. In fact, I am going to tag this post with “M-Audio Mobile Pre” so that people come here, read about how awful it is, and don’t buy one. My beef is that it’s incredibly noisy once you add input gain. It records better stuff when you just leave the gain super low – too low for good recording practice – and then boost the gain in the box. Anyway, I was in a HUGE rush (had about three hours to record and mix two songs), so by the time I realized the awful noise, I was too far along to change things up.


One thought on “Songwriting Project: Nothing Lasts Forever

  1. Susie says:

    The falsetto at the end melted my heart! I’ll make Murphy clean it up later.

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