Songwriting Project: Batman Theme

For this project we were told to make a Batman theme. Pretty open-ended project, honestly. I decided to go with a new spin on the classic “nananananananana Batman” version, and there really wasn’t time for any second thoughts because of the Hard Drive Fiasco.

Oh, and also, sorry for the two month delay. Hah. I left on a cross-country road trip with my family pretty much as soon as school was done (August 3rd. Which means that I have graduated. Yay.). And then on said road trip, I was working to finish all of the work for which I had been granted an extension, which I think I mention in previous posts. Anyway, I got most of them uploaded but forgot this little guy, only to be reminded by my father last night when he asked if I’d updated my blog recently. So yeah. Happy listening, dad. Lols.


4 thoughts on “Songwriting Project: Batman Theme

  1. Craig Pulsifer says:

    It’s Da,da,da,da,da,da,da,da……. not nananananananana!
    and nice work on the emotional/suspenseful build 😉

  2. cjpulsifer says:

    In no way is it dadadada. I refuse. Okay, I googled it, and apparently da da da da da da da da batman DOES get more hits than na na na na na na na na batman. How did I not know this? One of my childhood friends is to blame for this, I think. Or heck, you’re my dad. Comic book education should probably fall on your shoulders as much as anyone else’s. I’d blame you entirely except that you were more Spiderman’s fan than Batman’s, and so far your Spiderman information has held up.

    Oh, and thanks! I like how the classic “da da da’s” show up.

  3. Susie says:

    I just saw Batman sulking around in the dark, like Batman does. Out of nowhere someone lit up the bat signal, and drops the attitude and rushes off to save the city. And he does! Bravo! Wonderful story telling with music!

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