Dogs pt. II.

I’ve moved on to a training scenario. When the dog barks, I crank up the 18.5kHz for a second or two, then turn it back down. If the dog persists, I persist.

“Why 18.5kHz?” It’s sort of abitrary I guess… I want  a frequency my monitors can reproduce well that doesn’t annoy ME. I can still hear it very faintly at that frequency, but it’s more of a feeling than an actual sound. It’s definitely not painful or irritating like it is at 16 or 17 kHz. So far 18.5 seems like a decent number, but I’ll be experimenting. I use this site here: Just in case anyone wants to join me in this experiment.

Make sure you close Facebook and any other window or app which might pop up an alert!! Ugh, it would MURDER me to have a “donk” suddenly blast me while I’m trying to blast the dogs. I’m supposed to be the blaster, you know? A sort of cruel irony. So I’m trying to be careful to never let that happen.

TL;DR: Say no to donkblasts, kids.


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