#FIX – short film – OST (Original SoundTrack)

This is the soundtrack for #FIX, a short film directed by Ryan Bergmann. The music won the “Outstanding Achievement: Film Composer” award at the POV film festival in April. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so flustered as when I went to accept the award, because there was so much other good work that I didn’t expect my work to stand out. Glad it did, because I met some really talented people at the afterparty that I hope to work with soon.

Part 1:

I’m not a massive fan of this first part, but it did set up some of the themes for later. I think there’s probably lots of composers who don’t like much of their own work after it’s done, and I guess this is a taste of that for me. Fortunately I DO like the other parts, especially part 2.

Part 2:

This part is my favourite, probably. It was really interesting to transition from retro-ambience to club-banger, and I like how the different musical ideas stack up to make a really interesting main section.

Part 3:

Played some live bass at 4AM for this piece, which is why the pickups are clicking without me noticing. (I stayed awake for 46 hours to finish this piece in time – hey, YOU try working full time and composing a score in a few weeks. It’s hard to pay attention when your eyes are raisins.) So embarrassing. But it is what it is, at this point. I like the music of it, if not my production quality.

All the voices for this soundtrack came from my little sister’s cover of “We Are Gonna Be Friends”, which I have posted earlier this year. I just chopped out a few vowels and pitch shifted them where I needed them. It added a much-needed human element, and her voice’s pleasant tone made it easy to work with. Thanks Lani!

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