Dahil Sa Surf – “Foreground Music”

A chill remix of Dahil Sayo I did a year ago for a video project Craig Pulsifer was doing for O’Neill Philippines. I forgot to put up the music anywhere, so it’s a bit of an older piece despite what any of the timestamps say.

There must be a term for what you’d call this sort of piece, but I’m not sure what it is. I’ve settled on “foreground music” for now, since the music is the only sound there is. At any rate, it’s always a unique challenge to write for a video when there isn’t going to be any dialogue or SFX. The music is obviously central to the mood and pace, so you need to make your decisions carefully, knowing that everything you write will affect how the film is perceived to a greater degree than usual. Anyway, I’m not sure this piece was as meticulously-crafted as all that, but it was fun.

The groove at the beginning of the piece came together really quickly, but it took a long time to settle on something for the climax at the end. It needed to pick up, but it couldn’t drop into something earth-shaking because that’s just not what the surf was doing that day. The vibe was all about having fun with your friends, not defying death. So hopefully that comes across.

The video:


The audio is slightly extended on my soundcloud:

Photography by Craig from craigpulsifer.com and art by Leslie from lesliepulsifer.com.

Bass guitar borrowed from Jon from jonathanmeret.com. Half of the rent paid by Brandon from brandondorsey.com.


2 thoughts on “Dahil Sa Surf – “Foreground Music”

  1. CP says:

    Way to go team, and special kudos to Vrandon for the rent money!

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