#FIX – short film – OST (Original SoundTrack)

This is the soundtrack for #FIX, a short film directed by Ryan Bergmann. The music won the “Outstanding Achievement: Film Composer” award at the POV film festival in April. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so flustered as when I went to accept the award, because there was so much other good work that I didn’t expect my work to stand out. Glad it did, because I met some really talented people at the afterparty that I hope to work with soon.

Part 1:

I’m not a massive fan of this first part, but it did set up some of the themes for later. I think there’s probably lots of composers who don’t like much of their own work after it’s done, and I guess this is a taste of that for me. Fortunately I DO like the other parts, especially part 2.

Part 2:

This part is my favourite, probably. It was really interesting to transition from retro-ambience to club-banger, and I like how the different musical ideas stack up to make a really interesting main section.

Part 3:

Played some live bass at 4AM for this piece, which is why the pickups are clicking without me noticing. (I stayed awake for 46 hours to finish this piece in time – hey, YOU try working full time and composing a score in a few weeks. It’s hard to pay attention when your eyes are raisins.) So embarrassing. But it is what it is, at this point. I like the music of it, if not my production quality.

All the voices for this soundtrack came from my little sister’s cover of “We Are Gonna Be Friends”, which I have posted earlier this year. I just chopped out a few vowels and pitch shifted them where I needed them. It added a much-needed human element, and her voice’s pleasant tone made it easy to work with. Thanks Lani!

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Movement – Jesus Is The Centre

On September 29th, 2013, after almost 8 years of roaming from rental location to rental location, Westside Church moved into its new permanent home at The Centre for Performing Arts on Homer St (downtown). This video was commissioned for the launch Sunday, and I was excited to be asked to do the music for it! Make sure you get the full-screen, HD experience going on. It’s worth it for this one.

Video production by Transposition Films / transpositionfilms.com
Design by Tiffany Haines / tiffanyhainesdesign.com

Just music:

Dogs pt. II.

I’ve moved on to a training scenario. When the dog barks, I crank up the 18.5kHz for a second or two, then turn it back down. If the dog persists, I persist.

“Why 18.5kHz?” It’s sort of abitrary I guess… I want  a frequency my monitors can reproduce well that doesn’t annoy ME. I can still hear it very faintly at that frequency, but it’s more of a feeling than an actual sound. It’s definitely not painful or irritating like it is at 16 or 17 kHz. So far 18.5 seems like a decent number, but I’ll be experimenting. I use this site here: http://onlinetonegenerator.com/ Just in case anyone wants to join me in this experiment.

Make sure you close Facebook and any other window or app which might pop up an alert!! Ugh, it would MURDER me to have a “donk” suddenly blast me while I’m trying to blast the dogs. I’m supposed to be the blaster, you know? A sort of cruel irony. So I’m trying to be careful to never let that happen.

TL;DR: Say no to donkblasts, kids.

Dog chain reactions.

So the dogs upstairs and next door will sometimes bark because they think they hear someone crossing the street nine blocks away. And then they think the other dog is barking at them, so they bark back and forth for… well, in this case, from about 8:00 until right now.

I’ve spent the last several minutes playing ultra high frequency tones through my monitors with my window wide open. The dogs seem to have shut up, but I have no idea if the tones had anything to do with it. I just hope it was really irritating for them.

My sister covered “We Are Gonna Be Friends” by The White Stripes

So my sister wanted to sing “We Are Gonna Be Friends” for a friend’s birthday and wanted me to write music to go with her vocal recording. Which I did! I also got carried away with pitch shifting a copy of her vocals to get that harmonizer effect. So maybe it’s overdone, but I just like the sound of it. There’s nothing complicated about this tune, but I enjoy the way it turned out.

Remix contest: Zedd – Clarity

Yep… updating this after multiple months! I think we can all just focus on how lovely it is that I haven’t given up on this instead of focussing on the lengthy hiatus. Okay, no, we can’t, because now the two of you that used to read this don’t read it anymore. Sad news. Anyway, the point of this post is that I entered a remix contest! It’s for “Clarity”, by Zedd, and I’m fairly pleased with how it turned out! Naturally, I came across a few tweaks AFTER it was entered, but I guess I’ll just have to suck it up and fix it after the contest is over. I’ll blame it on those tweaks if I don’t win.

Speaking of which, I kind of doubt that I will, because this contest is largely based on votes. And plenty of other peeps in the contest STARTED with a few hundred fans, as opposed to my… dozen. Haha. So I will have a hard time collecting the same volume of votes. But that’s okay, this is really about just getting fresh content out there, pushing myself to improve, and all that jazz. If I keep producing with any regularity, I’ll have a solid shot at a win in a year or two. Woohoo! Anyway, here’s the link:


Songwriting Project: Batman Theme

For this project we were told to make a Batman theme. Pretty open-ended project, honestly. I decided to go with a new spin on the classic “nananananananana Batman” version, and there really wasn’t time for any second thoughts because of the Hard Drive Fiasco.

Oh, and also, sorry for the two month delay. Hah. I left on a cross-country road trip with my family pretty much as soon as school was done (August 3rd. Which means that I have graduated. Yay.). And then on said road trip, I was working to finish all of the work for which I had been granted an extension, which I think I mention in previous posts. Anyway, I got most of them uploaded but forgot this little guy, only to be reminded by my father last night when he asked if I’d updated my blog recently. So yeah. Happy listening, dad. Lols.

Film/TV/Games Project: Short Film (Ambush)

Perhaps the largest single-song project of the year! It ALSO got lost in the Great Hard Drive Fiasco. An absolute heartbreaker. It had to be rebuilt on a miniature keyboard while I was on the road with the family. My instructor, Dave Bernstein, was gracious enough to let me have a deadline extension, but wow… so hard to motivate yourself to do things you’ve already done once. I am really grateful that I was able to remember the basics of the different sections. Especially the piano ditty over the end credits… I was really in love with that section the first time I wrote it, so I was panicking when I first lost my data and realized I couldn’t remember that part. But yeah, the melody came to me suddenly a few days later, thank God. I just found myself humming it, and when I realized what was going on, I was like, ‘YEAHHHHH” and ran to the computer to play it in before I forgot again.

ANYWAY. This was an intimidating project… it’s harder to do subtle variations of the same mood than it is to just change moods altogether. I chose it out of our dozen options because it had dialogue and SFX (the others already had bg music, which meant you had to delete the dialogue and SFX), and I find that I’m unsatisfied with a final project that isn’t actually finished… I like to be able to pair the audio track with the video and then say, “Done! Now we can show people!” Finally, I’m not sure why, but the bass seems to be really lacking. I’m choosing to believe that it’s my headphones, but when I get home to Vancouver I will have to check this out on my monitors to see what’s going on there. Okay. Please enjoy:

Film/TV/Games Project: Van City Ads

Wrote a couple of tunes to back up some old Van City adverts. We were meant to use a common musical theme. This ad was meant to show some glorious scenery and such, so we were meant to come up with something majestic. Wish I could go back in and edit this, but sadly the project files were lost in the Great Hard Drive Fiasco of 2012, so we’re stuck with the timid-sounding pizzicato on the front and the epic drums at the end that make it seem like a bank thinks it’s in the Lord of the Rings or Batman or something. Woops.

This second ad is meant to be more intimate than the other one, so hopefully the music reflects that. I think this piece fits better than the other Van City ad. Still sounds kind of cheesy though. I can’t say I thought much of either of these ads to begin with though. Anyway.

Film/TV/Games: Game Cues

We were told to create two cues for a video game – one sounding more hesitant, like you’re walking through a mysterious cave or some nonsense – and the other adding some energy as though you were starting some fighting. Could have added a lot more energy to the second cue, but after the Great Hard Drive Fiasco this .wav export became the only existing copy of this music. So I’d have to rewrite it all to get it back into an editable project form. Sad news.


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